Blush In Blue album lyrics will be up shortly. Check back!

More poetry and prose coming soon.

In the meantime, here is one of a few short prose pieces I wrote with Time as central character:

Time rushed through the house, turning over chairs and blowing out lights. It paused for a moment in the kitchen, wiping the grime from its hands onto an old apron before throwing it in the trash.

“We need some change around here” Time thought, as it stared out the rain stained window. “Too many insufferable seeds of moments, compiled in a chain to look like motion, when it’s all just a repeat of everything that’s already been. How long do they actually live when everyday is the same?”

Time regretted this unfortunate habit of beings, sat down on the couch near an old pizza box, fingered a remote control and felt trapped. “To hell with this impoverished state of stagnation”, Time, who just wanted to flow, said — “I'm not stickin’ around” — and gave the tv one swift kick before slipping out through a crack in the wall.

The beings awoke and didn’t know what day it was. They didn’ t miss their concept of past present and future — which had slipped away like something precious in their sleep. And now, with no need to escape their past, they burned the t.v. and broke all the liquor bottles. And as they had no need of future security they broke down the walls and breathed the fresh clean air. They had no cause to be anywhere but there, and so they danced upon the rubble. It seemed a very fine thing to do.