Janna Marit Home Page

Janna grew up in rural Pennsylvania and Vermont, but feeling the pull of the big city--and warmer weather--moved to Pasadena, CA, near Los Angeles, where she lived for many years. She seems to have gotten the city (mostly) out of her system, and now resides in a small community on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

Through her years of creative pursuits, Janna has explored many modes of performing and visual arts. As a performer she studied theater at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, performed as a puppeteer with a troupe in Los Angeles, as well as in a sketch comedy group in Pasadena, CA, and has appeared in several short films. Her main performance focus has been her own songs which she started writing in 2004.

In addition to painting, drawing and illustrating, she worked for several years as a scenic painter in Los Angeles on music videos, commercials and Disneyland rides, helping to make real such worlds as Monsters Inc., and Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. She has also been a maker of jewelry, ceramics, and yes, puppets.

Janna is available as an illustrator, graphic and web designer for projects large and small, and will strive to work within your budget.